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ice bucket challenge

Me and my minis doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

I jumped on the band wagon for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I wasn’t going to participate first but I decided to and I explain why in the video.

I also think Angelina’s part should count as an Ice Bucket Fail :)

..this was much colder than I expected.

public speaking danielle ford

I’m in a Documentary about Public Speaking!

public speaking danielle ford

About a year ago, I was interviewed by the producers of the popular public speaking documentary “Speak”.

They were putting together another documentary that was aimed towards high school students.

Well, it finally came out and is being used as a tool for teachers to use in high schools.

Here’s a clip from my segment in the movie.

If you want to watch my full TEDxWomen talk, here ya go :)

Highlights from Last Year.. My 28th Birthday

I’m not a big “New Years Resolutions” type of girl.

When I decide I want to change something, I start that day or prepare to start at the beginning of the next month. I make quarterly and monthly goals because a year is just too far ahead for me to plan for.

I do however, use my birthday as my “New Year” but it’s more of a “what I want for my life” kind of way and less of a “resolution” way… Does that make sense?

I also use my birthday as a chance to be really reflective over the past year. I try to focus on the highlights and not dwell on any low-lights, unless there was a valuable lesson to be learned or something.

Yesterday, I turned 28. So before I begin living the highlights that my 29th year will bring, I’m going to share some highlights from my 28th.

So without further adieu and in no particular order, here they are…

Going to Maui

This was my first time in Hawaii. It was a dream Valentine’s week spent relaxing, exercising, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and lots more with the love of my life.

scuba diving underwater hawaii

hawaii maui bikini danielle ford


Getting Healthier

This year I drastically changed my eating habits and really fell in love with Hot Yoga and Pilates. By this time next year, I hope to be Continue Reading…

las vegas woman danielle ford the value of beauty

The Value of Beauty [Video]

Last month, I had the privilege of sharing my talk “The value of Beauty” at an incredible event where myself and 7 other Las Vegas woman speakers took the stage to share the message of “I am Enough!”

Initially, I was going to construct a speech around young moms, similar to the TEDxWomen talk I gave last year.

For some reason though, it was really weighing on my heart to give a speech around a different topic. One that when I really thought about why “I am enough” seemed like a really important message to share and something that almost every other woman could relate to in some way or another.

the value of beauty las vegas speakers

I had a lot of resistance to giving this speech. The idea of people thinking that I’m shallow because I’m talking about “The Value of Beauty“. I had some feelings of shame come up when imagining speaking about how I used my looks to get through a large part of my life. I thought “What if people think I’m a bitch when I admit that I happily “used” men to get what I wanted?” Continue Reading…