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ice bucket challenge

Me and my minis doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

I jumped on the band wagon for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I wasn’t going to participate first but I decided to and I explain why in the video.

I also think Angelina’s part should count as an Ice Bucket Fail :)

..this was much colder than I expected.

Kids and their Stupid Growth!

I was just going through my YouTube Channel to update my “About” page and I found this video that I made a while ago for the kids. I never posted it because at first YouTube said the music was violating copyright law but I just left the video there and to my surprise, I saw that it’s working now.. yay! This video is bittersweet because it’s all about how quick time goes and how quick they grow up. Since I made this video, they’ve already grown up so much more!! I make an effort to try to remember all the time how quick childhood goes by and to make each day fun and a little special for them.

Here are a few new pics of the kidlets… Ahhh they drive me crazy most of the Continue Reading…

Silly Videos from The Fords

Our recent silly videos.

I swear I might just have the funniest kids ever.

Me and Logan being gangster Avatars. Hahaha I love us :)

Angelina trying out our homemade green screen, explaining why she loves Barbie. Future journalist?? Continue Reading…

Best Knock Knock Jokes

Best Knock Knock Jokes!!!!

As everyone knows, I love jokes. Jokes of all sorts. So here are some of my favorite and best knock-knock jokes. (You’re welcome) And here’s a video of me and Logan being Knock Knock Jokesters. We might have a future in comedy, what do you think? Should I quit my day job? Oh wait, I don’t have one!! :-)

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I Love Justin Beiber Even MORE now!!!

I love Justin Beiber!!!!!!

I just saw this video, it’s a little old but SO freaking cute, that I HAD to blog about it. I used to think that me and Angelina loved Justin Beiber the most in the world, but after seeing this video, we’re willing to step down to his #2 and #3 fans. Below is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel (whom I also love) spotlighting a YouTube video about a 3 year old girl crying because she’s in love with Justin Beiber, and then Jimmy surprises her with a face-to-face meeting. It’s super cute, so make sure you watch it! Be careful though, you might catch Beiber Fever….

We love Justin beiber

We have Beiber fever!!!