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linchpin by seth godin

Linchpin by Seth Godin- OFFICIAL Book Review by Danielle Ford

According to Seth Godin, a genius is “Someone who looks at something that others are stuck on and gets the world unstuck.”

Then he asks, “Have you ever done that? Have you ever found a way to make things work that wasn’t working before? Ever seen a shortcut that others couldn’t find? Or made a personal connection with somebody who was completely out of reach to everybody else? Even one time?”

No one is a genius all the time. Even Einstein used to have trouble finding his house when he used to walk home from work every single day.

But all of us are Geniuses sometimes.

The problem that Seth Godin addresses in the book, Linchpin, is that society has taught us to dumb down our Genius.

We’ve traded our genius for stability.

It’s been taught to us since we were young to “Listen to authority.” “Be average”. “Comply with the System.” “Get a good education.” “Get a good job.” Until one day.. when you’ll finally be rewarded.

Well unfortunately, everyone was lied to!

People who have followed “the system” their whole lives are not getting the rewards they were promised. Some people are pissed off, and some people are in denial.

But some see this as an opportunity to create success from their genius as opposed to just waiting to be told what to do..

Linchpin by Seth Godin teaches you just how to do that.. to cultivate and embrace your art. to become Indispensable. to become a Linchpin.

Learn more about Linchpin by Seth Godin in my Full Video Review below..

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chi to be book review

Chi-To-Be by Stacey Hall Book Review

Chi-to-Be by Stacey Hall- Book Review

Maybe I’m a little biased because I know this author in real life and I LOVE HER. She’s been a great friend and mentor to me in many ways- but this is seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read.

I read Chi-to-Be about a year ago on a day when I wasn’t feeling too well. It was an irritable, eating chocolate, laying on my couch kind of day that happens to me about once a month. (Ladies, you know what I mean..)

I was waiting for Netflix to load and I was about to binge on Grey’s Anatomy when I decided to open Chi-to-Be and skim through it to see what it was all about.

Well, that didn’t work out like I expected. I read the whole book in one day and never pushed play on Netflix. (You know something’s good for me to choose it over Meredith Grey and McDreamy’s “will they? won’t they?” drama..

In this video I’ll explain exactly why I love Chi-to-Be by Stacey Hall and how it’s helped me to reach my goals.

Click here to get your own copy of Chi-To-Be by Stacey Hall.

And visit the Chi-to-Be website!

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Chi-To-Be by Stacey Hall Book Review

Crush It Book Review

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It Book is about Why NOW is the time to Cash in on Your Passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a visionary when it comes to the future of the online market. When social media was just starting to make sense to most of us, Gary was already Crushing it with his online TV show, Not too shabby for a kid who migrated to America with his family, started from nothing and worked his way up in the family wine shop, right?

How can you take something that you love, like wine.. and turn it into an internet empire? That’s the kind of thing Gary talks about it the book. This is a great book, but it’s definitely not for every body.. In the Crush It book review (video) below, I tell you exactly what the book covers, who it would benefit and Why I wish I’d picked it up before now.. Continue Reading…

Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin -My Live Performance

After reading Seth Godin’s free e-book called “Stop Stealing Dreams“, I loved it so much that I wanted to share it.

I mailed it to several people but no one would really read it, even though I emphasized how important the message was. So, I decided to put a twist on it and make the book into a comedy skit. After a lot of re-writing and help from some of my peers in my acting/speaking class, we performed it last Friday in the Performer’s Comedy/Variety Showcase and we got a pretty good response. :) Check out the video below and let me know what you think!

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