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Well hello there! Please allow myself to introduce.. myself. I’m Danielle Ford. I am a Mommy, Model, Entrepreneur and Poker Player.

“Those things are so random and how is it possible to do all of that?” you may ask. Well, all of those things are what I love. I feel lucky that I made the decision to stop doing things I don’t love while I was young. Now I focus on bringing my natural gifts, my desire to help people and everything I’ve learned together to begin my journey of Changing the World.. and having a sh*tload of fun while I do it.

Here’s my video explaining a little more about this site and how it’s changing the world…


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Long story fast: Got pregnant at 17 and gave birth to baby # 1. Married the biggest douche in the world. Raised baby alone while douche husband was in Iraq, putting his penis in everything he could. Moved to Colorado to become a doting Army wife. Had baby # 2. Found out husband’s bullsh*t. Packed up the car and drove back to my hometown of Las Vegas with 2 babies and only enough money for the gas to get me home. Worked a million jobs, studied my ass off, acted as my own attorney against my husband and got a divorce and full custody of my kids. That all happened before I was 22. Being a single mom is one of the hardest things ever but it’s also one of the best kept secrets because I don’t have to share unless I want to.

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I went to Beauty School when I was 17 and pregnant with my daughter. I worked as an Esthetician off and on for 4 years before opening my skin care studio. I used to think skin care was my passion and had big goals for my business but after studying online marketing to promote skin care, I realized that I didn’t want to be in the skin industry forever. I was enthralled by the potential the internet has and what kind of things I could do if I mastered it. I decided to just cut my losses and at 25 I learned what it felt like to have my first failed business. The failing feeling was short lived though because I became even more infatuated with marketing and the internet and haven’t stopped studying it or looked back since.

I am always doing miscellaneous things on the internet.. sometimes for work, sometimes to learn and often for fun but My Passion Project is Young Moms Club. It’s a personal development site designed to Educate, Entertain and Empower Young Mothers. Wanna talk about Changing the World? Not only are Young Moms themselves the future.. but they’re also raising the future. Young Moms are a group that are often either ignored or made a spectacle of but neither of those are what these young girls desperately need. Here’s the Video explaining exactly what Young Moms Club is..


It could have something to do with my mom and grandma forcing me into beauty pageants since I was < 1 year old but I’ve always been comfortable around cameras and naturally photogenic. As well as being an Esthetician or working on my computer during the day, I’ve always worked various jobs on nights and weekends and have made a substantial amount of my income from promotional, atmosphere, and spokes modeling. Check out my Modeling Page for more Pics, my Commercials or to Hire me.

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Poker Player.

I am a semi-professional poker player in Las Vegas. I’m not able to commit as much time to poker as I’d like but I’m working on that. I am an advocate for legalizing on-line poker and I love teaching poker to my girl friends. I really don’t understand why there aren’t more women in the poker industry considering how many women I meet that show an interested in poker, the fact that there are more women than men in the world and the undeniable fact that girls are just smarter than boys. I plan to solve that mystery some day and create something to help more women become poker players.

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I have a separate website where I post poker blogs and videos. Check it out at DanielleFordPoker.com.

Thanks for checking out my site! If you have any questions, comments or ideas, I would love to hear them! I love chatting and meeting new people so don’t hesitate to E-mail Me!!!

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